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  1. Oh I love Patricia Schmid – she looks absolutely gorgeous here. Thanks for posting, I haven’t seen these pictures before – so fierce!

  2. This is a great model. She has amazing bone structure in her face. Gorgeous hair as well. I love the black leather jacket with studs!

  3. “Linnet”pa andra bilden nedifran har jag sett IRL, kommer tyvarr inte ihag vem som designat men det kan varit Sandra Backlund. Det ar alldeles fantastiskt.Tar stickandet till en h;gre niva.

  4. Hi Carolina!
    This is Andy from stylescrapbook.com

    I just read on your twitter that you are looking for a new foundation, I use the Chanel VitaLumiere and I absolutely love it!!!! its the best one I´ve ever used, not that I´ve used many, but it works wonders for me…


  5. these photos are amazing i am inspired by dem! ive actually decided to do fashion photography now :D

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