Jacket, Gina Tricot. Tee, Primark. Shorts, Zara. Cut off tights from H&M. Minimarket shoes. Bag, H&M. Sunglasses, Karen Walker.

BLACK. I bought this jacket over a month ago, but haven’t been wearing it much until now for some weird reason. It’s actually pretty awesome to wear during warm summer days because of the light fabric. Anyways, I’m leaving for Barcelona on wednesday, so excited!

72 thoughts on “Black

  1. Wooow I really like the way these Dark tones, notably your cut-off tights bewitching transparency , subtly contrast with your porcelain skin, your ethereal mane . . . to create such a subtle cocktail of electrifying SEXYness !!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  2. really love the jacket. it’s so awesome and cute! i also wear cutoff tights, love ittttt kisses!

  3. I loove this outfit. I love the cut-off tights and the aweseome jacket. Amazing look that works so perfectly on!

  4. Fabulös som alltid!

    Förresten, jag har precis skapat mig en blogg på metro. På ett sätt känns det kul, och på ett sätt känns det som att jag är rätt dålig. Varför jag skapade den står i det första inlägget. Jag hoppas bara att jag inte blir en av de bloggare som ingen bryr sig om alternativt som alla tröttnar på.

  5. Svar: Tack så jättemycket för din komplimang! Jag ställer mig fortfarande kluven till teckningen men roligt att du uppskattade den :)

    Och för övrigt. You look like a million bucks!

  6. i think it’s a shame that you do are beginning to have outfit pictures, that remind me so much of fashiontoast. i loved that you didnt have ‘what am i wearing’ pictures, but pictures that looked straight out of a magazine.
    the jacket is awesome, but i think those cut-offs make your legs look bigger, which is a shame since you have an amazing figure.

  7. Julie: I’ve had “what I’m wearing pictures” since I started Fashionsquad over at wordpress in april 2006 (which was about a year before Rumi started her blog I think) so i really don’t see what you mean with that comment. And about the cut-offs, I happen to love them, I don’t really care if they make me look 2 centimeters bigger, I’m very comfortable with my body :)

  8. Oh So Hip It Hurts: But that’s like the whole point! I like bike shorts! (I mean check out Alexander Wang’s fall collection, have bike shorts ever looked that good?!)But I absolutely understand what you mean :)

  9. OMG, I can’t believe what some idiots are writing here! Your thighs definitely don’t look “big”, you look gorgeous!! Don’t listen to them, they’re probably just jealous bitches.

  10. *frowns* You don’t look fat at all. YOU LOOK ABSOUTELY THE SAME.. AS STUNNING AS USUAL :)

  11. you look amazing lady, as per usual. don’t take notice of the pathetic comments. seriously. the cut off tights and shorts look great. and i am so in love you your hair. xx

  12. i love the cut-off tights…i’ve never seen them worn under shorts….what a lovely touch. marvelous.


  13. I love the cut off tights and shorts look, can’t wait to try it out. Also those wedges are amazing.

  14. I love this outfit,
    the jacket, the shoes, the shorts, it’s perfect.
    This is essentially an ad in Nylon Mag. C: I adore your natural chic look,

    and by the way,
    I started a blog a few days ago,
    and was wondering if you would take a look at it,
    because I love your blog, and It would mean so much.

    it has some of my artwork, and few posts about fashion, online malls and such.
    I’ll be posting alot more , but I’m just getting started. C:

    anyways, great outfit.

  15. det känns för mycket FashionToast över det hela, bilderna…attityden…njaah, inget nytt, FashionToast all over. Men du är snygg i det, don’t get me wrong!

  16. Du är så jävla grym!!
    Förstår inte hur du kunde klippa av ditt underbara hår.
    Men fan vad du är snygg i det´t !

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