82 thoughts on “Bik Bok s/s 09, pt 2

  1. hey, it´s you sunshine?! you look perfect, every picture is great. it´s akind of summer feeling :-) love your style, love your blog. i added you to my favourite blog list…
    love. anne

  2. jag måste nästan låna bilderna härifrån och blogga om, om det är okej? annars säg till! Ni är underbart snygga allihopa, så jäkla fina bilder.

  3. fotografen är riktigt bra, jag älskar färgerna och känslan i bilderna. bra jobbat du också så klart!

  4. amazing pics. i especially love the one where you’re in the bright peach dress with another girl wearing a white tube dress (the guy in the background is funny too) and all the ones with the striped long sleeve top. what a fun experience this must have been. did you end up keeping any of the clothes?

  5. I am reaaally curious to see what your new haircut is like…!
    For now i am enjoying the sun (and your amazing hair) in these


  6. PERFECT , i think you know this word !!
    All of thoses dresses are just .. made for loving me !

    love you sexydarling ,
    kisses from Paris !

    Fanny, By BBandHH !

  7. your doing a great job of modeling because i am sat here DYING for some of those clothes
    & sunglasses of course x

  8. oh shit, i just realized thats you in the pictures. i love the coloring. you all look very cute. cant wait to see the new hair!

  9. They’re gorgeous babe! So natural and fun. They did a good job. I wish I was frolicking in the sun right now.

  10. Absolutely stunning!!!!! You look beautiful sweetie :) It looks like such a lovely location as well xxx

  11. Perfection. Every single photo is absolutely perfect. So fun and young, this is exactly what I want to look like during the summer! I’m sooo in love with this right now! AMAZING post! xxxx

  12. these pics have REALLY inspired me for summer, thanks so much! and you look gorgeous in them! while shopping today i found myself looking for bright florals and then i realized it was because i had just seen this! love it!

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