85 thoughts on “Bik Bok s/s 09, part 2

  1. SEEEENA! carolina min sötnos du har en fantastisk kropp! kram siriiiiiiii

  2. lol it looks likes coolest best friends ever :) I adore the pictures :)
    happy friday !

  3. Hej Carolina,

    Where is the black stripes bikini from ?
    And love the pix;)

  4. where was this shoot?Is it actually in Miami?!
    anyways, beautiful girls beautiful apparel.
    plus i love the colors of the series. kudos to all.<3

  5. woww..im loving your bikbok shoot:)all of you look adorable:)make me want more for summer holiday and beach

  6. beautiful photos,these and the other ones. i live in miami and i have a place in south beach with a friend in the other photos you guys actually took a picture next to my building. very sool! am glad you had fun, it shows!

  7. I’m jealous of you – the location looks awesome
    you look so amazing and happy as well!
    a true greeting to summer

    It would be mine

  8. You all look really pretty and I like especially the second picture of you – looking so slim and tall! Very nice job gals!

  9. Du e bare SÅ nydelig og slank og fin og perfekt og med eit så vakkert hår at eg har ikkje ord. Elsker bildene,
    elsker klea. Fabulous!!!

  10. OMG You have an amazing body!! WOuld you tell us your height and weight??

  11. your blog is very interesting!! I didn’t know it and love your style and pics, so cutte!

    I put on my blog roll, I will come in!


  12. Wow the pics are gorgeous! I had no idea you were in them, I saw the other part of the campaign on another blog. I’m new to this site, I think I visited once before. Anyway, amazing photos! They remind me of summer so bad!

  13. is the white lace dress you are wearing on the beach bik bok as well?? it’s stunning.

  14. I love the beachy atmosphere of this shoot, I’m a California girl myself and just can’t leave my surf town roots behind and want to run around with wavy hair and a sun dress on. Love this! Love the outfits and the chill vibe.
    Tessa @ http://www.bettyconfidential.com/

  15. underbara bilder. verkligen. är det fotat på south beach? jag var där förra sommaren, det är väldigt likt.

  16. OMG these pictures r amazing, i love their style, it’s make u wanna go to the beach and have fun all day long :)

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