VACATION. I booked a trip to Barcelona last night with my boyfriend! I’ve been wanting to go there for ages, so I’m really excited about it. Now I want all your insider tips on where to eat, shop, have drinks etc. Do you know about any good vintage/second hand stores, or maybe a market or two that I absolutely have to visit? Just drop a comment or send me an email at!

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  1. Hey there!!
    I’m so exited you guys decided to come over here!! I’ll send you an email with good places and stuff to do while in my city!:)
    Btw, when are you coming? ‘Cus there might be special festivals or activities that could interest u!!


  2. Boqueria Market på La Rambla är ett måste! De har underbara tapas och de färskpressade juicerna is a must=) Ett tips är att inte köpa de precis vid entrén för längre in är de hälften så dyra;)
    Don’t miss!

  3. Jag var där med ett gäng vänner i februari och det är en underbar stad! Det är alltid kul att kolla in alla turistgrejer som La Sagrada Familia, Parc Gúell och MontJuíc (underbart fint där uppe!). Annars satt vi en del nere vid hamnen, det finns fina stränder där, väldigt mysigt! Ciutadella-parken var också en favorit! Det finns en väldigt stor klubb som heter Razzmatazz (om jag minns rätt), kan vara kul att gå till. Annars är det mycket barer och mindre klubbar. Missa inte att äta tapas och paella, supergott! Har nog lite fler tips i bloggen (kolla i februari-arkivet) annars tycker jag ni ska satsa på att utforska staden på egen hand och kika in mellan gränderna för där kan man hitta fina marknader!

  4. i think that barcelona is one of the better places i’ve ever been ! i remember that the market hotel ‘s restaurant was great, the Qui ( Don quichotte) was so delicious !
    there are so many good shops everywhere in barcelona !

  5. Nej men skit i alla tråkiga turistgrejer!! Besök Macba (Barcelona moderna museum istället). Macba ligger vid ett torg där alla ungdomar i Barcelona skejtar och där det alltid är livat. I kvarteran runt Macba finns även många bra Secondhand affärer. Ett litet matställe som du MÅSTE besöka är Tucco. Min absoluta favorit i Barcelona, där spanjorerna själva äter. Det är ett pyttelitet ställe som ligger nära Placa Reial, C/N´Aglá, 6. Det är öppet tisdag till torsdag. Hemgjord pasta med fyllning + bröd + dricka + efterrätt för 5,6 euro. Tiramisun på det stället är underbar.

    Sedan om du är ute på natten i Barcelona och går längs la ramblan, så måste du köpa Samosas som säljs av alla gatuförsäljare. Kan tyckas lite skabbigt men ack så gott efter en utekväll!

  6. Really??:) I’m from Spain! But I don’t know Barcelona but I can say you that everybody says that is of the nicest cities of Spain. I hope that someone writes to you and recommend places to visit! Do so much photos and show us here! :)

  7. spis på fresCO!
    masse sunn og deilig mat .
    stoor buffet med supper, gryter, salatbar, yoghurt-is.

  8. Great! When are you going to Barcelona? I’m also going to Barcelona in August and I’m so excited too!

  9. Really??:) I’m from Spain! But I don’t know Barcelona but I can say you that everybody says that is of the nicest cities of Spain. I hope that someone writes to you and recommend places to visit! Do so much photos and show us here! :)

  10. yes, definately Boqueria market is a must.
    To eat, my favourite place is Can Punyetes ( (go to restaurantes and click on the dots in Barcelona so you can view the addresses); I recommend Butifarra and Ali Oli Potatoes.

    What else…
    I Love Palau Robert (is a Palace in the middle of the city where there are exhibitions (they are usually free) and it has a park inside of it, it’s a great peaceful spot in the middle of the city.
    the address is Passeig de Gràcia 107, 08008 Barcelona?

    Park Güell another must.
    The Sagrada Familia.
    The Cathedral…

    and then just look for activities in Barcelona’s time out or something there’s always lots of great things to do or places to visit.

  11. i’m from barcelona, and what to say…i love it. if you want to have some shopping, you have to go to Passeig de Gracia, you can find YSL, LV, CHANNEL, GUCCI…but also Mango, H&M and Zara(zara in spain it’s much cheaper!). then you should go to Plaça Catalunya(you can find topshop there) direction to “portal de l’àngel”. if you want to visit a vintage market, you must go to the “mercat dels encants”, if you’re lucky, you can find jackets, blazers, dresses, shirts for just 5?. wonderfull.
    party time…if you want indie rock, house, pop, just go to razz. If you want something more preppy or exclusive, you should go to opium mar, or sutton.

  12. Bästa cityguiden är sen väljer du Barcelona. Kring MACBA som ovan har tipsat där är det bäst. Mycket second hand och vintage. Det finns en liten gata nära joaquin costa där de är massvis av second hand butiker. Besök Le Swing och Blow by Le Swing, bästa vintage men ganska dyrt. De gotiska kvarteren är också mysiga, mkt bra barer och restauranger. Lite dyrare, lite finare än El Raval. Sidecar Factory Club är en bra klubb.

  13. I’ve read that you have received very good recomendations but… do not forget to go to El Born! The trendiest district here with amazing shops and also a must for Barcelona’s nights!

    Enjoy it

  14. you are going to adore barcelona! its one of my favorite cities! i know in madrid they have these beautiful street markets on sundays where they sell just about everything and anythig so im sure they do the same sort of thing somewhere in barcelona. i hope you have an incredible time

  15. Har du inte redan gjort de så borde du signa upp för “le cool magazine” Barcelona edition….
    Varje torsdag får du magasinet via mail med info om de mesta som händer i staden gällande kultur, nöje o shopping. Perfekt!

    “le cool, it’s a free weekly cultural agenda and alternative cityguide”
    Subscribe to le cool magazine:

    I hope you have a Blast in Barca!!

  16. I’m from Barcelona, so I Know a lot of cool places to eat, to go dance, to drink something and of course where to buya lot of vintage clothes. So if U need or want some adresses let me know it. My email adress is

  17. Ola guapa !!
    Just two sweet vintage adresses :
    – HERITAGE, Banys Nous, 4 08002 BARCELONA
    – El Swing : calle Riera Baixa, 13

    & have to go to the Ribera St:
    – Lobby, calle Ribera, 5
    – A copenhagen, Calle Ribera, 8

    Enjoy ur trip & take care…

  18. I love Barca! It is such a warm place.

    When I was in Barca I visited the usual things like the Sagrada Familia and Park Guell (both by Antoni Gaudi), La Rambla, Camp Nou (FC Barcelona), Placa de Catalunya and Placa de Espana. At la Rambla (the long street that starts at Place de Catalunya and ends at the harbor) is a really big and open market with all sorts of fruit and veggies (Mercat de la Boqueria).
    The metro is a very handy way to discover this city.

    Shopping: Passeig de Gracia (Zara, Burberry, Louis Vuitton etc.), and they have serveral shopping centers. One is called: Centre Comercial Barcelona Glories (Pl de les Glories Catalanes 1, Metro = Glories)
    For vintage stores check this website:

    I remember loving one particular restaurant (it is near Passeig de Gracia): Thai Gardens restaurant – Diputacion 273 (
    But there are so many restaurants with tapas, so you cannot get hungry :P


  19. Ughhh! Lucky (:
    I’m going to Moscow and Geneva and I don’t know where to go either !
    Good luck finding out!

  20. I use to go to Barcelona 3 times a year, it is a great place! You will have a great time there! And it is always a so good weather! Go to paseo de Gracia to do some good shopping ( Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Chanel, YSL…). When I go to Barcelona I stay at the Arts Hotel it is the best hotel there!
    And go to Zara, in Spain it’s cheaper!
    Have a nice trip!!!

  21. Oh, lucky you! I’ve always wanted to go there, and when I do, I’ll read “The Shadow of the Wind” while I’m there. So, my tip: read “The Shadow of the Wind” by Carlos Ruiz Zafon, or “Vindens Skugge” (I guess that’s the Swedish title).

  22. hey carolina! barcelona is one of the most amazing cities in the world. visit the neighborhood RAVAL, there are tons of vintage stores and cute boutiques in this neigborhood, the CCCB and the Museo de Arte Contemporanea de Barcelona is also there. Make sure you eat at Cafe Kasparo in Plaça de Vicenç Martorell, which is in the heart of Raval. Also, make sure you stop by this store: supermercado paco rueda, its right by the mtero stop Juame I.

    que tengas un buen viaje!!!

  23. you should visit the vintage/ 2 hand store holala. at least i think that’s what it’s called. anyway it’s great, but i don’t remember where it is. you can search on google though. hope you’lle have a nice time in barcelona!

  24. Oh you’re soo lucky it’s a great city to visit. I was planing to go there next week but I had to cancel :(( When I went I found a vintage shop called ohlala vintage close to the university maybe you’ll find some nice things there, I bought a clucth also visit El Born area there were nice boutiques there. ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAY !

  25. I´m from Barcelona, so:
    -Passeig de Gràcia: hight brands and more shops
    -Born: nice district, with restaurants, bars, clubs and nice shops
    -Raval: old district, some restaurants, MACBA museum, bars, alternative shops, vintage shops, you must to go!
    In Raval there´s a street, called Riera Baixa, with some vintage shops, also in Tallers street, near Las Ramblas, there´s a big vintage shop called Oh La La, i think there are 3 in the city, all in Raval.
    -Portal de l´Angel and Portaferrissa (near Catalunya Square): shops, shops, shops.
    Don´t forget going to La Barceloneta, restaurants, bars and the beach!!!
    I love it!
    If you want more info,
    Buen viaje!!

  26. You have to go to the nightclub ‘LIVING’ in the Rambla… :)
    the location is pretty nice, good mixed music and friedly people
    Retrospectively I got to know lots of guys from almost everywhere. So it’s a must see
    ah by the way, I love your Blog ;-)
    Stay the way you are.
    Regards from good Germany

  27. håll hårt i väskan vart du än går! har bott här nere i över ett år och blivit rånad x antal gånger!! besök macba och se alla coola ungdomar hänga och skejta. parta loss på NASTY MONDAY som är endast på måndagar på APOLLO. cool musik och riktigt coola människor som alla ser annurlunda och har stil. hoppas du får en riktigt bra resa och du, det har varit över 30 grader varje dag senaste veckorna! :D

  28. Raval är bästa området, håll er borta från de turistiga gatorna kring placa catalunya (även om det naturligtvis också är kul att se)! I Raval finns den skönaste blandningen av folk, flest second hand butiker och de bästa matställena.

    De bästa second hand-butikerna ligger på Riera Baixa och på Carrer del Notariat. För en perfekt och lätt lunch på en relativt okänd och solig innegård, gå till El Jardí (ingång från Carrrer de l’Hospital, strax efterCarrer de les Floristes de la Rambla om ni kommer från Rambla-hållet). Även bakom la Boquería finns sköna lunchställen. Världens bästa sallader och ciabattor finns på Madame Jasmine, ett fantastiskt litet ställe på Rambla de Raval med excentrisk inredning och fantastiskt udda personal. Enligt historien ägdes stället tidigare av en prostituerad kvinna – Madame Jasmine. Prova salladen eller mackan “La Pau” – paradiset i en macka!

    I turistväg bör MACBA, Tibidabo (för fantastisk utsikt), Parc Güell etc besökas.

    Razzmatazz är den klassiska gigantiska nattklubben inhyst i en gammal industrilokal, underbar blandning av folk! Annars finns tusentals småbarer kring områdena Raval, Barrí Gótic och Born.

  29. Never been there.. :( Haven’t been outside Scandinavia.. :o But in August I@m going to New York =D can’t wait ;)

  30. You should go to El Bosc de les Fades, close to the Wax Museum (at the bottom of Las Ramblas)
    This is an amazing bar with a fairytale atmoshpere !
    A very cool experience, just go there to have a drink, it’s worth it !
    And beeing a fairy is not that bad !

  31. you have to go to the restaurant called PONSA
    its small but they sell the most delicious omelets
    it was the first place me and my family ate when we went and we were very impressed :)

  32. riera baixa have all the most vintage stores in bcn and pnb near macba!!!!!!

    good look

  33. Raval og Born er områder som bør sjekkes ut! Med litt tålamod mellom jalla-butikker og kebab-sjapper finner du gull-vintage i Raval! Spesielt liker jeg “kjeden” Le Swing (de har 3 butikker på forskjellige steder i raval) Bare følg Carrer del pintor fortuny som er rett under den store h&m i la rambla, og gå et lite stykke inn, til en gate som heter carrer del notariat er på høyre side. Jeg lover! Et lite eventyr!

    (jeg er ikke complete geek, jeg har bodd i barcelona i 3 måneder. høhø)

    kos deg masse! og nyt! barcelona er fantastisk! <3

  34. I’m from Barcelona, i search for the blog, because i saw it
    on a magazine, “Cosmopolitan Spain”! I love the blog, the photos
    are amazing, and i find it very useful to search for new designs..
    The best places here, are the beach, “las ramblas”, “plaça catalunya”, and
    all the comercial things.. we got “els encants, too” where you can search
    and buy, lots of vintage clothes..
    I hope, you enjoy here! Kisses.
    If you got some questions..

  35. I am impressed with your readers, first time i’ve seen some decent recommendations about Barcelona. For vintage – yes stay in raval and the names dropped earlier. There is one really cheap vintage store on joaquin costa x carme, which is on the way to Macba which you really should visit.

    El jardin like “Lina” told you about is very cozy, hidden calm spot in raval which is very lively normally. With your blond hair I would recommend you to keep an eye on your bag, I have lived in Raval for 2 years and never get robbed but they smell turists on a mile’s distance so be careful. Traditional tapas as Cerveseria catalana (rambla catalunya x mallorca) and more modern at El Lobo (pintor y fortuny). In Port Vell and Port Olympic you will find loads of good fish and seafood restaurants… ABSOLUT BEST icecream place is on C/ liberteria, the street behind c/ jaume.

    For party, Razzmatazz is special, huge club and often very fun, depending on the DJs of course. I am only into the electro and deep house, so I would recommend Becool, Kanna beach club (just after forum, best line up for this summer) There are loads of clubs in port olympic, CDLC still keep an ok clientele during the summer months while the rest gets a bit too packed with tourists. La terrazza located in Poble español is an outdoor club with great ambiente and this year the volym is back on track again.

    I hope you will enjoy your stay in my fantastic city!

  36. Lived there for six months and the city stole my heart! A lot of my favourite places have been named already (Riera Baixa!!!! ( be sure to visit the shop lailo there)) If you go shopping in Raval, be sure to also pass by Carrer de Tallers, some nice vintage there too. For other shopping I’d say my favourite places were Carrer d’Avinyo, Passeig de Gracia and El Born…
    Razzmatazz is indeed the most fabulous club ever, it has 5 rooms and my nights there passed as if they were 5 minutes. If you have the time, go to the tibidabo mountain, there’s an old theme park there and in my opinion, the views are even better than at Parc Guell and Montjuic :). If you like modern architecture, the Mies Van Der Rohe Pavillion is nice, it’s located near the fountains of Montjuic.
    Have fun! I sooooo want to go back!

  37. I’m from Barcelona, advice you, my english is too bad. I usually buy in second hand shops, I love it.
    There’re 2 in c/Tallers, Retrocity (very cheap) and Ho Lala Ibiza (a little bit expensive than Retrocity), there’s another Ho Lala Ibiza near MACBA, this is bigger than the other one and have interesting temporally expositions of independents artists it’s a beautiful shop I think so.
    There’re more second hand shops at c/Riera Baixa, another one at c/Joaquin Costa…
    I give you a Map that created months ago if you want to see it. I put it all of interesting shops of centre of Barcelona.
    Take care! And I wish you have nice vacations!

  38. Hi Carolina,
    I from a little city near Barcelona and I lived there for 4 years in the past.
    Obviously the city has change a lot, but still I can tell you some places to go:

    Second Hand: in Carrer Riera Baixa, carrer Tallers and something else in Carrer Hospital, the best you can find

    Flea Market: Els encants, you must go! it will be very hot but it is worth it and very very very cheap!

    Restaurants: my favorites: El Salero (mediterranean food) in Carrer comerc (near la Rambla del Born)
    Japanese: Parco en El jardins de Gracia

    Hope this helps a little bit!
    Enjoy! Barcelona is a great city to go on Holiday!

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