Barcelona photo diary

Pictures by Mattias Swenson and me

SUNDAY. Got back from Barcelona two days ago and I have soo many pictures to show you guys! So, last week was bridal week in Barcelona and I got invited to the Pronovias show that was held in the amazing Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya. The show was a dream come true where every dress that came out on the catwalk was even more beautiful than the other! I also had the opportunity to check them out in the designer Manuel Mota’s studio prior to the show and they are equally gorgeous up close!

The after party, which was insane, was held in the Albeniz Palace which is where the king of Spain stays when he is in Barcelona, a perfect venue for the event and we ended up having an amazing night!

Huge thanks to Pronovias for inviting me, it truly was a wonderful experience!

145 thoughts on “Barcelona photo diary

  1. OMG, i love Barcelona, it is a beautiful town, and i would like to came back same day, so i am so jealous on you and Andy, btw nice dress XOXO

  2. i enjoyed every single picture of your, but the one with you Andy and the motorbikes is my favorite. It rocks!

  3. Wow, these photos are beyond beautiful. Barcelona is an amazing city with such character. And these wedding dresses .. I am sure these would make the biggest marriage sceptic weak in her knees :)

    Anneli x

  4. I’ve already told Andy this but I love her dress as well as I love yours too. I especially love your top when you were on the beach. The pattern was what that got me. I’m sure you all had fun, because it looked like a blast.

    xoxo, Aves Gry

  5. Beautiful photos. It really seemed to be a great event :) xx

  6. Wow. Wonderful post.
    You both look so pretty and the photos are so great. :)

  7. you and Andy are just too cute! The bridal show looking AH-MAZING! the dresses were so breath taking and I can just imagine in person they were even more beautiful then expected. I’m glad you had another fabulous time in Barcelona! great pictures dear!


  8. Pronovias makes the most outstanding, unique wedding gowns! I have already singled them out as my gown designer-de-jour! Your lovely pictures make me miss Barcelona very much. Will have to put it on the calendar to head back out there soon! Gorgeous style girls!

    nikki xoxo

  9. Oh, I have always wanted to visit Barcelona. And THOSE dresses and THIS fashion show in in THIS city must be really unusual experience. You are so lucky!

    love your blog!

  10. Wow, what a great event and those dresses are beautiful! I love all your outfits–looks like you had an amazing time!

  11. Such beautiful photos! I went to Parc Guell myself today and saw all these marvellous creations by Gaudi with my own eyes. Glad you appreciate them too!

  12. Amazing pics! You looked amazing and loveparc Gaudi! Would love to go there again, it’s so long ago!

  13. ah seeing those beautiful pics from barcelona make me miss this city even more! lovely :) xx

  14. Amazing pics! And I really love your dress.. the one with bold colors and I believe in floral patterns? So pretty(:
    Rawrs & much love from NYC, Evey

  15. gosh, how not to love Barcelona?!
    i’m blown away with your photos. love that flower print dress!


  16. Where is your floral print dress from? In the picture of you and Andy!? I would love to purchase it for an upcoming wedding I’m going to!
    Please email me back : )

  17. When I saw those pohotos, I just said woooooow.
    I’ve always wanted to go to Barcelona, now I’ve had a small trip :)

  18. I absolutely loved this blog on Barcelona and Fashion. The pictures are beautiful. I used to walk passed a Pronovias shop everyday when I lived in Granada, i used to just stare at the dresses in the window. what a fantastic experience!

  19. Tão maravilhoso …
    meu sonho é conhecer países da Europa como Espanha, Itália, França, Inglaterra, Holanda, Finlândia…
    sigo você aqui do Brasil =) e sou super fã da Andy, que bom que são amigas!

  20. Just discovered your blog. The Barcelona pics are wonderful. I was transfixed by the city a couple years ago. And the food was to die for. Did you check out Montjuic?

  21. LOve this post very much ! Love you too ^^
    What type of camera you use to capture these photos ?? Please tell me ^^

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