Barcelona here we come!

BARCELONA. Ok, here we go again! Last week it was Japan, this week it’s Spain! Tomorrow I’m heading to Barcelona with Andy & Chiara for a business trip and right now I’m last minute packing as usual. I have absolutely no clue what to bring so todays strategy is to just throw a bunch of stuff into my suitcase and hope for the best. Keeping my fingers crossed that the weather is better than here!

CÉLINE bag. CRUMPET cashmere sweater. ZARA heels. MICHAEL KORS mini clutch/wallet. RANDOM sleepmask. MICHAEL KORS watch. KAREN WALKER sunglasses. ZARA spiked gloves.


104 thoughts on “Barcelona here we come!

  1. I’m so excited you three are coming to Barcelona! It would be awesome to meet you so if yo decide to make a readers meeting, please tell!! :) Enjoy your trip here! :)

  2. Welcome to Barcelona then!!
    Today is very very rainy, I hope it gets better tomorrow so you guys can really enjoy the city, but I think you will have a great trip anyway!


  3. better to take a big umbrella, because it is raining a lot!! Have a nice stay at my beloved city ;)

  4. I would love to escape to Europe, Barcelona’s is a beautiful place, and the people are always exciting. I can’t wait to see photos from the trip, I would love it if you checked out my blog, I have interesting fashion posts you might enjoy reading.

  5. Hello Carolina! Today it’s raining cats and dogs and the weather forecast for the upcoming days annouces rain…So don’t forget your umbrella!! But the temperature is quite nice so I don’t think you’ll need wool and heavy clothes (is between 15 and 19ºC degrees)
    xoxo from Barcelona

  6. So good you girls are coming to my city !!
    bring an umbrella for sure, cause it’s pouring right now :(
    Enjoy your visit !! xx

  7. Just want to help you a little bit. Today it has been raining a lot! I mean, really a lot. I had an umbrella but ended so wet!
    Have a great time here in Barcelona. I’d really love to see you three! :)

  8. Maybe you should know that it is actually raining and doesn’t seem that it is going to stop! :S
    Anyway, enjoy the trip!

  9. Hey girly!
    It’s raining cats and dogs over here so you might want to pack your rain boots and an umbrella!
    Just tell me if you need some tips!


  10. Oh, I’m sorry but it’s raining A LOT here in Barcelona! So pack wellies! haha
    Love your blog!

  11. That bag is beautiful… I also need to get my hands on a nice sleepmask as well. Hm. Have fun in Barcelona! <3

  12. Aww its so nice you are coming to barcelona!! Its been raining the last 3 days but I hope you find a better weather!!
    Welcome and enjoy it!!


  13. Hi! I am from Barcelona and I just wanted to warn you that it’s raining the all time here and it has to continue like that until the weekend. I really love your blog! Have nice days here!! Carolina

  14. Hi!! Here in Barcelona, cold, doesn’t, but we have a couple of days will not stop raining. And tomorrow also seems to rain all day. Despite the weather I hope you like Barcelona and have fun.
    By the way, I love Celine bag

  15. I would invite you and Andy and Chiara if you are still in Barcelona to the Blogguers Night Out of Barcelona. It takes place in Hotel W, on 24th of November. If you are interested let me know:
    I would love to meet you there!
    xxxx Malu

  16. You’d better take an umbrella with you! Right now it’s horribly wet and gloomy in BCN. I have little hope for any change. BCN is a wonderful place, although the sun adds a lot to its cham, under such unpleasant weather conditions the city reveals its more mysterious side:)Just discover it and have fun! :)
    PS. I’ve just started to write a blog about BCN ( and music) on my blog, 50% in my native language but the rest I translated:)

  17. business trip in barcelona – sounds good to me! any place in your suitcase for a little frenchi?

  18. Enjoy one of may best places in this world Barcelonaaa!!!!!! Thake a lot of pictures pleaseeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go to the Camp Nou and say hi for me =)


  19. ooooh gud va spännande. hallå du kan inte du vara en sann sötnos och ertätta vart du hittat dina öron till iphonen, du skulle göra min jul för jag vet att min allra bästa vän skulle avguda dom :)

  20. I’m in love with everything in this photgraph ! Especially your leather studded gloves and your watch :)

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