Bambi Northwood-Blyth, pictures via src783, thefashionspot,

LOVE. I’m just as obsessed with Bambi’s unique look as everyone else seems to be right now, she’s stunning!

34 thoughts on “Bambi

  1. totallllly! I have seen her in person several times now…she is very tiny! But so so so beautiful! xxx

  2. she IS stunning. i never realized her name was really bambi. how fitting, beautiful. i love her makeup in the first picture.. not everyone can pull that look off.

  3. She is really stunning. Gorgeous eye color and such a pretty smile and those incredible eyebrows…and her name is so cute too, lucky girl.

  4. cute eyebrows. though i’d love to see them a shades brighter. I mean, maybe the color brown or something, because black is very…. sharp.
    Good looking girl though :)

  5. I am equally obsessed with her looks. I thinks it’s her bushi brows and blue eyes!
    She is incredibly stunning

  6. hope she never changes those eyebrows there totally her trademark

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