47 thoughts on “Balenciaga Resort 2011

  1. Balenciaga never fails to entertain, i’m in love with this just because it’s full of bright colored prints, which makes such a cool cool collection!

    Dimogonda blog

  2. Love it!

    I’ve made a drawing of you, and I’m wondering wether to send it to you or not.. Do you have an email adress?

  3. omg, I am officially in love.
    the prints and vivid colours are incredible!
    Balenciaga did a bloody brilliant job.
    && I featured you in my favourite outfits of the week post, take a look :)

    Theory of a fashion vicitm

  4. Very nice indeed, I found your blog via bloglovin’ as far as i remember, and i totally love it, as you can see on my blog. haha!
    btw this Balenciaga is no less than beautifull.

  5. omg those shoes and prints are amazing. i want it all!



  6. I love their prints! It’s a really challenging thing to do and they mater it perfectly!

    juliet xxx

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