Balenciaga buckle boots

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Picture by Carolina Engman

HELLO THERE. I know most people have a love/hate relationship with these boots, I did too, until I saw them on Eva Chen during a Lucky shoot a couple of months ago and fell in love. Of course, they were sold out everywhere and just when I had started coming to terms with the fact that I would probably never get my hands on them, I decided to stop by the Balenciaga store in Soho, and wham, in front of me stood the boots that had haunted my dreams for months. Turns out, they had one pair left in my size which clearly was a sign from the shoe gods to whip out the credit card and live on noodles for a while. Now if only it could stop snowing!

BOOTS Balenciaga buckle boots.

136 thoughts on “Balenciaga buckle boots

  1. oh my god. these are in soho?? hahaha <3 also, love that you'll be eating noodles for a while.

    not really, just i do the same… ^^

    xoxo hobovogue ღ

  2. These boots are so gorgeous, I love a chunky black ankle boot and the detailing is just perfect !

  3. Congratulations on! ;)
    I’ve seen those boots from other fashion blogs before
    but I can’t wait to see how you’re going to wear them. xx

  4. I love the first line that you stated that you were aware of the love-hate relationship most of us have with these boots, there’s so much context that goes into it like the whole Nicholas Ghesquiere scandal with Bal versus the whole general beauty of the boot. There’s no doubt that these are gorgeous and aesthetically very pleasing, I wouldn’t judge any getting them because if I had them I’d want to show them off too. I also fall for the ‘I didn’t get them since I’m sure they’re sold out but found them in a store and just got them’ situation, so I totally understand Carolina. Yes I also hope and pray it stops snowing here in NYC, it’s impossible to do any outfit posts in such freezing weather…… By the way, I’m doing one of my biggest GIVEAWAYS, it’s an women’s oversize ACNE JUMPER from FW13 (size medium)! Worldwide shipping! Check it out, guaranteed no other blogger’s done this!!


  5. Haha this post made me laugh….. they are well worth the noodle diet and the universe certainly heard you loud and clear!! Can’t wait to see what’s next on your dream list xx

  6. Definitely a sign, only the truly wise are able to see and interpret signs like this; but just look at the results when you do!! Well done, excellent find. Hope the snow thaws soon so we can look forward to seeing what you wear them with.

  7. They are gorgeous! The perfect ankle heigh, gorgeous-gorgeous details and a perfect balance between feminine and masculine. And even though I am more of a high heel kind of girl, I find them VERY tempting, for those rebelling days that happen once in a while. :)

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