89 thoughts on “Backstage at Corello s/s 12

  1. you look like a wax figure, and the first picture is actually scarry. did i mention that those nails are gross?
    the last 5 pictures are adoreable though.

  2. I really like your look. Especially the colour of your nails and your lips. Great! :)
    xx romi


  3. All you girls are so gorgeous. I love seeing my favourite bloggers collaborate!

    Looks like a fabulous time!

    With lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel – still living vicariously through pretty things at http://www.amuseabout.com

  4. Great pictures! Loving your make up! Cant wait to see the results of the photoshoot!!
    Bisous, nana

  5. i love the shades!!! super gorgeous. and the styling they gave you is amazing too! don’t forget i’m doing my first ever giveaway at my blog and it’s only 3 simples steps which will literally take you 2 minutes to win an amazing dress. hope to see you join!

    xx from hong kong :)

  6. oh my! you look absolutely brilliant.
    your hair is oh so crazily beautiful!

    xx // themerrimari.blogspot.com

  7. OMG you look like a porcelain doll! I really love this makeup on you and the hairstyle suits you so great! :D

  8. Hi, new to your blog. :)
    Loooove the sunnies!♥
    I also loove your bag, such a nice color, like olive green! ♥
    You’re soo pretty :)
    And I loove your striped top <3 :)

  9. Beautiful!
    And your skin looks so soft.
    Thanks for an inspiring blog and amazing photos!
    I really like the picture that are a closeup profile.

  10. you look so gorgeous in your pictures. looks like you had an amazing time with the girls


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