69 thoughts on “Back to basics

  1. I really love wearing jeans and want to get a pair from Frame Denim!!

    bra over top look on In My Dreams, Vancouver, Canada based Personal style and fashion blog

  2. Ahhh I do love a clean cut white shirt. Especially in silk. You look so chic and like nothing can get you flustered! Major inspiration for my work wardrobe – I know London isn’t as hot as NY but cannot handle dressing for any kind of heat unless it involves swimwear! Great post!

    Poppy Coburn

  3. You look gorgeous on these pictures Carolina! Always happy to see that you posted something new on fashionsquad.com.
    Aside from that, may I ask where your jewelry is from? Both your necklaces and rings look so good! I’d love to know where you got them from :-).


    Margo | margoblanche.com

  4. Margo: Thank you so much dear! The necklaces are from a little store in Mexico, but sadly can’t remember the name of it. The rings are from Monica Vinader!

  5. Hej :) lite nyfiken på vad du använder för skönhetsprodukter? Både för ansikte,kropp,hår och makeup. Kanske lust att göra ett inlägg om det eller nått?

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