Back in black

Picture: Mathias Nordgren/Stureplan

FASHION WEEK. The last few days have been somewhat crazy (fashion week in Sweden at the moment) and I haven’t had the time to post anything in what feels like forever. But I promise to do my best to make it up to you this weekend! This is what I wore to the Minimarket a/w 09 show the other day; Leopard printed scarf, Topshop. Jacket, Primark. White T-shirt, H&M. New pants from Zara (love, love, love) and my favorite blue Miu Miu bag.

39 thoughts on “Back in black

  1. hi carolina, does the miu miu bag you own have a name or inventory/style number? i’m trying to find it where i live but i have trouble describing it to people, haha!

  2. i hope you start posting more! i miss your posts. you’re so beautiful- you inspire me like no other since my dream is to become a stylist.
    love, dayna

  3. Åh, den där scarfen är helt underbar och du passar i den skitbra. Den och skinnjackan kombinerat blir en perfekt kontrast till dit ansikte.

  4. the picture is amazing, especially because of the bright red background in contrast with your blonde hair & the black outfit. so fabulous :)

  5. you´re such a doll!
    and I´d love you to do a Q&A again as I´d love to know how you do your hair, it looks so healthy and shiny all of the time!

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