A dreamy loft in Paris

A parisian loft (via fashionsquad.com)

Pictures by Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer, via rumhemma.se

Today I’m dreaming about Sara and Louis Bennard’s gorgeous Parisian loft. The wooden floors, the exposed brick walls, the mismatched Eames chairs around the dining table, I love it all!

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Shearling jacket

Carolina Engman

Photos by Mattias Swenson

Being used to Swedish winters where the sun disappears at 3 pm (yes, really), I’m always amazed by the abundance of light NY gets during the colder months. There’s just something so magical about that bright light that bounces of the sky high buildings, illuminating the streets below.

It is, however, starting to get pretty chilly on this side of the pond. Luckily enough I have a few tricks up my sleeve against the biting cold winds, and this shearling McQ jacket is one of them!

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