Attack of the giant beanie

carolina engman pink beanie

Pictures by Mattias Swenson

PINK. The second I spotted this gigantic, cotton candy pink beanie in the hands of a girl in line at H&M the other day, I knew I had to hunt it down. I must admit I was a bit intimidated by the size of it at first but after wearing it for two days straight those doubts are looong gone. It’s by far the coziest thing that has ever graced my head and my ears have never been happier!

light pink and grey via fashionsquad

carolina engman

pink beanie via fashionsquad

grey pink black via fashionsquad

BEANIE H&M (similar ones here & here). COAT Emerson Fry. CASHMERE SWEATER Uniqlo (similar one here). JEANS Theory. BAG Proenza Schouler. BOOTS Emerson Fry (black ones here & snake/leather version here).

97 thoughts on “Attack of the giant beanie

  1. Love the jacket and the beanie (or toque as we call it here in Canada) really compliments the whole outfit!

  2. Love winter looks. This beanie is a great color. Even though it’s winter I like to wear spring light colors.

  3. This beanie is wonderful. I love that it is a super pale pink so it adds a hint of colour to a neutral outfit

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