Picture, Carolina Engman.

SHOES. Sorry for the lack of updates lately, it’s been one crazy fashion week with lot’s of fun things going on 24/7! I will post tons of pictures as soon as I get back home. Until then, let’s all enjoy this picture I took at the Chris Benz presentation a couple of days ago – how amazing are these shoes?! The way the colors blend together kind of reminds me of a painting.. a pretty stunning piece of art for your shoe shelf, huh?

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  1. Those shoes are art themselves. Though it is not fantastical as say, McQueen’s hooves, but I love the soft dusty colours and awesome shape :)

  2. Umm… I’m literally speechless. Those shoes are beyond amazing!!! I agree, it looks as if they were actually painted, so cool! I’d love to display these on my “favorite shoes” shelf haha!

    I’d love it if you took a look at my new blog “inspire me…” I’ve been following your blog for a while and I just adore you!!

    Thanks :) Christinaxo

  3. They remind me of a monet water color actually. Is that right? Eeep it’s been forever since art class or maybe I’m thinking Dega? ahhh someone help me?

  4. OMG!!
    I love your blog.. you se I LOVE fashion and want to become a fashion designer when i grow up!
    Please please check out my blog and say what you think of my work, I know is not much not so professional but any way.
    I love to be creative and when i see all your stuf you buy and put on your blog, I just want to become a fashion designer even more!
    It’s a swedish blog but maybe you can translate it to english so you can understand, I translate your blog so I can understad all the hard words!

    I really hope you will pop by and maby throw in a comment or something!


  5. i love the shoes, and i am totally in love with your blog!. The only thing that I don’t like is that you are friends with Gala Gonzalez, seriously she is sooo stupid.
    Keep up with your amazing work. we love it!!!! xoxo

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