Anja Rubik: Vogue UK


NEVER ENDING LEGS. I can’t get over how long her legs look in the Margiela ensamble, it’s insane!!

13 thoughts on “Anja Rubik: Vogue UK

  1. It is Anja but it’s pronounced “Ania”.
    I love her name so much! And her overall…she’s stunning and her legs are definitely worthy of the synonym “stems”.
    In the Margiela look, it must be the angle of the camera that’s emphasizing their length.


  2. That’s ok (: We’ve all been there. ;D She’s amazing! And you’re definitely right about those legs. I wouldn’t excactly mind having legs like her..

  3. It’s the other way round, her name is Ania (in Polish, it’s what your friends call you when your name is actually Anna, kinda like William-officially and Billy – for friends) but it’s pronounced as Anja/Anya, I guess she changed it so that it’s easier for the foreigners to pronounce. And it looks better ;)
    lol that was long ;D

  4. good job carolina, love your blog! i love the music, is there an actual song or was it just made for this? if there is a song, can someone please tell me the name of it? thanks :)

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