Vintage pajama jacket. Bag, Vintage. Dress, Carlings. Sunglasses, Karen Walker. Boots, ??. Cross necklace, vintage.

LOVE. I did a super fun trip to the What Goes Around Comes Around warehouse the other day with Gala from Gala Darling and Elizabeth from White Lightning. There definitely was a lot of ooh’s and aaah’s when we entered the 10,000 square foot archive filled to the max with treasures. That place is heaven on earth for vintage lovers!

Obviously it was impossible to walk out of there empty handed and I found something that I’ve been searching for for ages! Some clues: vintage, 70’s, Pucci.. Stay tuned ;)

48 thoughts on “ALLEYS/RANDOM CHAIRS

  1. hey you!
    can’t wait to see what you picked up from the warehouse!!!!!!

  2. Great photos. Oh when I was living in NY I took a trip to What Comes Around Goes Around. That was a lot of fun.

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