MONDAY. I think I’m the only one who’s actually embracing the cold weather we’ve been having these past couple of days, layers in August?? Hooray!! I know that I’m supposed to enjoy summer to it’s fullest since I live in a country where it’s dark pretty much 50% of the year but actually, I can’t wait for fall to arrive. It’s always been my favorite time of the year!

Decided to update my wardrobe with some fall pieces yesterday to celebrate that I’m finally starting to feel better again and stumbled upon this amazing vintage bag. It kind of reminds me of the stunning bags from Miu Miu’s a/w 11 collection that I’ve been longing for since I saw them on the runway, but for a fraction of the price. Paired with midnight blue corduroy pants, an elephant printed wool sweater layered over a white blouse and my favorite Zara heels I’m totally ready for the degrees to start dropping.









JNBY sweater. ZARA blouse. WEEKDAY corduroy pants. MICHAEL KORS watch. VINTAGE bag. A.J. MORGAN sunnies. ZARA heels. MAC LADY DANGER lipstick. ISADORA nailpolish.

102 thoughts on “alleys

  1. great bag! unfortunately the temperature starts dropping faster than you wish…I am happy I visit NY soon, so get sum sunlight :)
    are you going to be at NYFW, too?



  2. Absolutely beautiful, love the preppyness and sophictication mixed together:D

    xoxo Despite color

  3. It feels like autumn lately in England too.
    I’m not a big fan of long winter but I can’t complain to the nature I guess. lol.

    I love your lip colour! It really suits you.
    You look so great with any outfit.
    I bet you’d look lovely even with some shreds of papers on! lol


  4. I’m not such a big fan of autumn or winter but this outfit makes me long a little bit for colder times

  5. Wow your pictures are amazing love your cool sweater and xour red lips are amazing ! Please visit my site and if you like it become a member :) i already follow you and love reading your blog <3 xo nadine from

  6. wow you defnately are embracing the weather ! conduroypants in summer :)
    Love the colour of your nailpolisj

    I can’t really imagine myself wearing a sweater like that, would make me look to masculin, but it looks great on you.
    NEW outfit post & fall nailpolish

  7. Perfect look for this “in-betweent” weather, I love the blouse, the collars add a sweet detail to the outfit! XX

  8. beautyful sweater,beautyful shoes, beautyful bag, beautyful outfit!!!
    kisses from Spain!!! htpp://

  9. Love your sweater! Where you get it from? Couldn’t find then on JNBY’s website
    Do u have a link or anywhere you get it from?
    Thanks. XX.

  10. love your sweater! where you get it? couldn’t find then on JNBY’s website
    Do you have a link or anywhere you get it from ?
    Thanks. XX

  11. If we guess wrong, “JNBY” is China’s apparel brand.
    I like “JNBY”, looks very ordinary, but the feeling of wearing a kind of amazing.
    More suitable for a small child like me, the Asian girl~hahah~

  12. I love your Michael Kors watch can you let us know the model number
    if you don’t mind thanks :)

  13. this is a great already cool in Sweden? I love your hair, you look like a fairy

  14. Love the outfit xoxo great styling..
    I’d Love if you could please check out my new post, let me know
    if you want to follow each other.

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