All them mocha lattes you gotta do Pilates

Banana flavoured donuts built this body

HMM. Sometimes I get the weirdest emails like ”I looove your figure!
Do you eat anything special to look that good?!”. And well, I guess the secret is out now..

25 thoughts on “All them mocha lattes you gotta do Pilates

  1. antonia: Jag med! mys
    Lasse Nord: Haha I know, my best friend Ida is a perfect example. Super tall, super skinny, and she eats ALL THE TIME.
    Adiel: Hahaha, wouldn’t that be awesome?! ;)

  2. hihi men är inte du vegetarian? eller har jag kanske fel nu haha, men det brukar man bli smal av, probably the best diet in the world ever liksom! btw så älskar jag bilden, du är sjukt snygg!

  3. Men vadå, kan man äta något annat än socker? Många människor snackar om mat eller nått. Men, vafan, det verkar så jobbigt.

  4. Hey i found your blog for the Lookbook! and your blog is great and the pictures and off corrs the looks!!

    (: i hope you are fine!

  5. You’re so stunning and stylish. =D
    I loveee your photography and of course the blog.

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