All that glitters..

mk in 2006, tfs

RHINESTONES. For the last month or so, I’ve been on a hunt for a vintage rhinestone necklace. I imagine it paired with vintage t-shirts á la Mary Kate circa 2006 (so awesome!!) and I’m pretty sure it will save all my “I-have-absolutely-nothing-to-wear” days. (And yes Maja, I’m still green of envy for the one you found on the vintage market in miami). Oh well, it’s my birthday tomorrow and you never know what might turn up!

20 thoughts on “All that glitters..

  1. OHGOD! that is awesome:)

    is that tom binns? it looks great with her tshirt!

    and i absolutelyadore your blog♥

  2. oh, I’ve never thought about that kind of necklace but waw that’s really pretty. And indeed, it goes really well with vintage tees.
    I really hope you’ll get one for your birthday, girl :)

  3. hej!
    yeees…that necklace is 2 die 4! :) wow… beautiful!
    tack för en superbra blogg tjejen! inspirerande! gillar verkligen din stil!
    jag har precis startat en blogg.. mest för att få skriva av mig å så klart för att jag tycker det e skitkul :D
    inte gett adressen till nån jag känner än faktiskt.. larvigt kanske. lite osäker på vad andra tycker..
    I guess.. :/

    take care!
    // Maria

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  5. Grattis! Halsbandet är verkligen fantastiskt, otroligt hur något så relativt enkelt kan lyftan en hel klädsel!

  6. this is actually one of my fave MK outfits ever! i jsut love the vintage tee, layrered rhinestone necklaces and the aviators! so unexpectadley aamazing!

    your miami trip looks like it was fantastic! cant wait to see ur photoshoot :)

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