All about the classics

Camel Coat

Photos by Mattias Swenson

The older I get, the more I find myself drawn to timeless pieces that I know will last for years to come, like the ones I’m wearing in this outfit for example. They’re all trusted wardrobe favorites that I keep wearing over and over again, yet somehow I never seem to get tired of them. This year one of my New Years resolutions will definitely be to invest in more classics because they truly are the foundation of every great wardrobe!

Carolina Engman

All about the classics

Jimmy Choo Alba Bag

CAMEL COAT Zara (old, but similar one here). SWEATER Weekday. BAG Jimmy Choo Alba (here and here). TROUSERS Mango. NECKLACE Jane Koenig. PEARL EARRING Sophie Bille Brahe. BOOTS Jimmy Choo (here & here). 

74 thoughts on “All about the classics

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  2. This entire outfit is just perfect and, as you say, classic! It’s so important to have pieces that will go with everything and continue to be gorgeous like this for a long time. A long lasting wardrobe is just important as a stylish to the minute one. That coat is a stunner, too! I’m such a fan of big camel trench coats. Love it!

  3. What perfect photos! It’s still a great style as usual. The outfit looks amazing and i love it, especially the coat and pants:) They’re stylish when you combined them together in ton-sur-ton. You lady looks noble and modern.

    Have a great days! Kisses from Khánh,
    Check out my newest blog post about the matching couple clothes trend AKA “Ao thun cap” at áo cặp đẹp CANIFA.

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