CLOSED! Alexander Wang giveaway!

LOVE. This Valentine’s day I’m teaming up with for an amazing giveway where one lucky reader can win their very own electric blue Alexander Wang bag! All you need to do to enter the giveaway is:

1. Like on facebook

2. Like on facebook

3. Leave a comment with your name, facebook name + email address on this blog post (not on the facebook wall!) so I can contact you if you win!

This competition is open to everyone worldwide and closes February 19th . The winner will be announced on both Facebook pages as well as on!


2,790 thoughts on “CLOSED! Alexander Wang giveaway!

  1. What a beautiful bag! It’s perfect for adding a “punch” of color to any outfit.

    Ana Preciado; preciadoana; preciadoana at yahoo dot com

  2. I’m in for sure!
    I just liked the My Theresa Facebook page and yours :)
    Well, fingers crossed.

    Love, helena
    (My name on Facebook is Helena Phan)

  3. I’m soo in :-D, following both already!
    smarties91 at hotmail dot it
    Cristina B. on facebook

  4. Liv Vilsgaard Christensen!
    The bag looks stunning! (btw. I hope you international readers can enter the giwe-away?)
    I already followed you on facebook, and now mytheresa aswell! I’ll cross my fingers!

  5. Glori Blatt-Eisengart

    I’d love to win a bag from you
    I’d use it every day x2
    The beautiful color matches
    my eyes
    Winning would be a lovely surprise!
    I’ve followed you both, thanks very much
    For running this giveaway – it’s a nice touch!

  6. How great! I love Alexander Wang. His designs are awesome, like this bag!

    Thanks for doing such great things, Carolina! :)

    My FB Name is Conny Schuhbauer (but I think there are more persons with this name, so this is the link to my profile if needed..

  7. Love the beautiful royal color and hardware combo.
    Following both Facebooks!
    Fingers crossed, this would be a great bag to use on my upcoming trips to Vegas and LA, to post on Dapper Details as well!


  8. OMG, this bag is sooooooooooo great!!! Love, love, love the color…

    Facebook: Seyma Phänboe
    Email: sey2dama187(at)hotmail(dot)com

  9. hey Carolina! congrats for your blog and for the great result at Bloglovin’awards with Wherelse.
    hereby my name and facebook/email address:

    Maria Cristina

  10. Love, love the electric blue! I am lusting over this, Alexander Wang is amazing!
    I am already a devoted fashionsquad follower on Facebook!
    I now like on Facebook too!

    Lily Ingalls Phelps

  11. everything is great about this bag!<3
    Name:Alina Andriescu
    Facebook:Alina A Alina

  12. Oh God, this was meant for me!
    I was already following both mytheresa and you on facebook since a loong time ago :)
    My fb name: Catalina Gomez S

  13. Oh my, a fantastic bag for a bag addict like me :) So I am in!

    My name is Simone Hietala and that is also my Facebook name, my E-Mail address is

    Been following you for a while on FB anyway and am also following now.

    I wish everyone good luck!


  14. Congratulations for Bloglovin’awards! Thank you so much for this amazing giveaway! This bag is perfect! I love the color and Alexander is one of my favorite designer!

    Name: Cordier Lucie
    Facebook name: Lucy Kennedy


  15. Carolina, u r an amazing fashionista. Thank you for sharing this with us. I love this bag, amazing, a dream come through! “anyone can get dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their days off, that are the most intriguing.”
    – Alexander Wang
    xx K
    Ksenia Katz (same FB name)

  16. Whoa! Electric blue is my favourite colour, and I love and the hardware detail on the bag!

    Sara Boccardo on FB

  17. Love this bag!! Absolutely gorgeous!
    I followed you & mythersea on facebook.
    My Facebook name is Alicia Childs Dowd
    My name is Alicia Dowd

  18. wonnnnderful giveaway! i already followed you + :))

    fanni debreczeni

  19. Hallo, i love this nice blue bag!
    my name is Vivian Hackenberg, on Facebookk Vi Vian
    vuevueiaen (ät) yahoo . de

  20. Anything Alexander Wang is gorgeous! This bag is a stunner! It’s perfect for now and the start of spring/summer with it’s strong colour!
    Name: Zoe Gwerder
    Facebook: Zoe Gwerder

  21. Amazing giveaway, love alexander wang and this is such a great colour!!! Fingers crossed!!!
    Facebook name is Sarah Greene

  22. I love the cobalt blue, with that splash of silver to make it a little edgy.
    My name is sydney deffner
    email is
    and facebook name is also sydney deffner.
    happy valentines day <3

  23. i dream of the day when i can own an alexander wang bag. that color is to die for!

    your name: K’Leigh Mattias
    facebook name: K’Leigh Mattias
    email address:

  24. I love this bag, i love Alexander Wang, i love your Blog.

    This bag is perfect for spring and summer outfits.

    By the way, happy valentine’s day to everyone <3

    Name: Janine Sorgatz Facebook: Janine Sorgatz

  25. I know that I will not win the bag, but I have to say that your coat is stunning !!!
    – in case i would :D
    Markéta Horská

  26. Hi Carolina, this is one of my dream bags and it had meant everything to me if I won!
    My name is: Rebecca Hamnström
    My facebook name is: Rebecca Hamnström
    My mail is:

    Hugs Rebecca :)

  27. Name: María Rivera
    Facebook: Toty Rivera de Manqueros

  28. Kristine F. Larsen//fb;Kristine Flatland Larsen//

  29. Absolute beauty. I never use facebook but I logged on for this!!
    Name: Natasha Feiner

  30. 1. Liked
    2. Liked
    3. Name: Zara Khan
    Facebook Name:Zára Khän

    Such a fabulous idea! I’m already thinking a perfect red pout + coral nail varnish & a pretty white mini dress with this! ;)

  31. I love the color !
    My name is Marta
    Facebook name: Marta Ruiz

    thanks a lot !!
    you are marvelous

  32. I got no words! This bag is just stunning! Thank you for this, Carolina!

    I keep my fingers crossed until they are falling from my hands and then I’m gonna cross my feet! :)

    Happy Valentines Day!

    Fb: Lola Fabiola, mail:


  33. Aria Kansa. Total and pure love. The colour is stunning! Hope to win this bag! Haven´t got anything from Wang yet. This would be a good start. Lovely Valentine´s day. Mysig Alla Hjärtans Dag!

  34. My name/Facebook name: Teemu Bling

    Would love to win that bag! I don’t have any tote bags and I’m huge Alexander Wang fan, so that would be perfect. I have a Prisma clutch that looks a bit same, so they would be a bit matchy, but my clutch is black. Actually almost all of my bags are black, so pleaaase I need a blue bag, Carolina! <3

  35. BEAUTIFUL BAG………….

  36. Jenny Johansson/Jenny Johansson/

    Jesus what an amazing prize. My heart would stop if I win.

  37. Petti Duraku
    Petti Duraku

    I know I’m a Boy,but i would freak out when i would won a Bag from Alexander Wang and it would be a nice Accesoire maybe for my Sister but I’m not sure haha!

  38. OH




    I’d LOVE to win this bag! The leather looks so soft and that color is incredible. Please God, keep ur fingers crossed!!

    Anyways; all the best for you :)

    Facebook: Jessica Gudlowski


  39. Hi!!
    My name is Sara Claeys, and I’m from Belgium…

    I have a million zillion reasons why I should win this bag:
    1. I am going to New York on holiday next month, and I would love this bag so it seems like I fit in :-)
    2. I will look great with this bag,,it goes well with all of my clothes$
    3. It’s just big enough to carry all of my things, my phone, my wallet, my glasses and sunglasses!!!
    4. I love Alexander Wang!! but havent been blessed enough to buy something if his design yet..Would be great if I could win this….

    And if that doesn’t work,,,,,I will beg :-) pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls
    give me tha bag!!!

  40. Thanks for such an amazing giveaway Carolina!

    Done all the steps under Facebook ID: Marcella Lau
    Email: marcella {at}


  41. Like on facebook done Amy Rouse

    Like on facebook done Amy Rouse

    Leave a comment with your name, facebook name + email address on this blog post (not on the facebook wall!) so I can contact you if you win!

    Amy rouse dropastitch ///at\\\\

  42. liked both on facebook- Jules Boot McNubbin
    email mysticalguacamole at gmail dotcom

  43. Hey, I’m Juhi Vyas. So glad to know that there’s finally a giveaway in which I can participate. You see, I’m from India:) Well, hope I win!
    Facebook Name: Juhi Vyas.

    Much Love.

  44. I like you both as Jay Cee on FB

    Thank you for the chance to win!

  45. This bag is really great! I think all off your things and give aways are great :) I like you and your blog <3 xoxo Sophia

  46. OMG. I instantly fell for this bag! So chic and cool, but yet elegant. LOVE IT. Hug from Norway :-)
    I’ve liked both facebookpages, and my email is, and my name Silje Trollnes. I have my fingers crossed!!

  47. Great giveaway! Been wanting it.

    Name: Maria Alyssa Martinez
    Facebook Name: ItsMariaAlyssa
    E-Mail: maria[dot]alyssa[dot]blogs[at]

  48. Oh wow,I love Wang,but it’s impossible to get him in any of the stores locatedin my country and I can only dream about a bag from Wang!I really hope thiure perfection will someday arrive to my wake upfrom dreamin!:D

    Una Bassil

    P.S.Huge congrats with winning a bloglovin award,you girls really desreved it<3

  49. Omg! It really amazing and it would be appreciated if i get this from u!!!
    Im a korean fashion blogger and also ur big fan.
    I also have 1200-1600 hits on my blog and over 4600 friends on facebook.
    Let me brag to all of my friends in korea!!!
    Thx!! Xoxo

    Facebook:vina jung

  50. Since I’m following you (which is practically from the beginning!) you’re making me falling in love with with all the northern European designers! Seriously…thanks to you I started to know a different kind of fashion, of style..more independent and free from the traditions! And because next year I’ll start a fashion program, I was thinking about coming to Stockholm, as I’m really, really, loving the city (eventhough I’ve never been to it!). I was willing to study even just art history but unfortunately I found out that I should speak Swedish..but there’s a hope for me, because now I know that I could do the masters in Stockholm as the courses are taught in English, so..I guess I will attend the undergraduate program here in London but definitely the masters in Sweden!
    Alexander Wang is in my top list of my favourite designers, every year the collections get better and better..I really see myself truly embody the cool downtown style of his fashion, his edgy, somewhat masculine womenswear designs! It’s just amazing dreaming about the bag (that is in the wishlists I have on all the online shopping sites I visit everyday), I mean..thinking about carrying it with me all day..Oh God! :D

    Anyway..THANK you for being who you are and keep going on like this!


    Ilaria Passon

  51. Aaaah love it! I hope you also got one for yourself because it matches perfectly with your shoes!!
    Already loved (liked) you on Facebook, but now also MyTheresa. Facebook name = Lovely By Lucy
    Have fun in NY while you’re still there!
    XO Lucy

  52. I’m obsessed with this Alexander Wang Prisma Leather Shopper. That’s exactly what I need to get my wardrobe ready for Spring!

    FB & real name: Franziska Köhn

  53. I am loving this “Electric Blue”. The hardware is fabulous. Great details!

  54. Hi there,

    I’ve been following you on Instagram for a while now :) You have amazing and unique tastes and takes on fashion.
    Looking forward to more exciting updates from you :)

    Name & Facebook name: Helen Ho

  55. So adorable bag, love the colour and Alexander Wang!
    Veronika Mraz
    fb: Veronika Mraz

  56. WOOOOW!!! Awesome giveaway! I really hope I’ll be lucky

    Fb name : Marine Lhoest


  57. Nuria Freire Pérez. Nuria Freire Pérez.

    this bag wants a trip to Spain!

    I’m in love with Alexander Wang and with this color. It would match perfectly with my T by Alexander Wang dress.

    Muchos besos. xxxx

  58. Thank you girl for this amazing giveaway! I wish I’m the lucky winner

    Fb name Leila Belghezli


  59. ? can’t describe you how much I love you!!It’s a beautiful giveaway :)
    Thank you!!
    facebook name:lefkothea georgoulia

  60. I know the chances are slim but I just have to try and get this bag! It would go perfectly with the electric blue blouse I got! (Check it out on my blog to see how perfect it would go!) – and it’s Alexander Wang to top it off, wow what an AMAZING give-away! Thanks for the opportunity!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    Facebook: Elizabeth Westgate

    xx Elizabeth

  61. Do want! That bag would match my nails (at the moment) perfectly AND fit all my stuff. Perfect work tote.


    Diana Wong
    FB: dianajwong
    E: djw2121 @

  62. Roberta Zigrino,
    she is always unfortunate,
    but, you never know… fingers crossed!!!!!!

    Roberta Zigrino–>

  63. ^ pff made a beautiful text with lovely hearts and then they turned into question marks..
    Looks like I’m not sure of my own name or something,

  64. Hi!!! I do love your blog, you give me many ideas! And now I’ll follow also!
    My FB Name is Margot Thelma Rose!
    Good luck to everyone!

  65. Hi!!! I do love your blog, you give me a lot of ideas! And now I’ll follow also! :)
    Good luck to everyone!

  66. Name: Louise Martin
    Facebook:Louise Martin
    E-Mail: lucyloumartin

    She’s electric ? and I want her for my arm party ?

  67. I love the pop colour of the bag. I’ve got my fingers crossed:-) Love your blog btw.

    All the best,

    Marianne Coy Jørgensen (also my name on Facebook)

  68. in loveeee with all of alexander wang bags! this would be the perfect 21st birthday present which is on the 17th (and 21 of course is the most important bday in america) love you and your blog!!

    xoxo shelby
    fbook name: shelby elise ferson

  69. Wow what a lovely bag. The blue is so striking and perfect for the spring! Would love to win a bag like this to spruce up my bag collection!

  70. cindy batchelor

    Love this bag!! thanks for the great giveaway!! I like both pages :)

  71. Beautiful bag, beautiful color, makes me happy!

    Facebook name- Kerrina Smart

  72. I love the colour! it’s really bright

    name: Itziar Agirre
    fb name: Itziar Agirre
    email: itz.agirre[at]gmail[dot]com

  73. I wish I can win this bag :)
    finger cross.
    even I can’t win it I will still support you by visiting your blog everyday. Love xx

    name: Tam Tsz Ching
    facebook name: Kitty Tam
    email address:

  74. Heyaaa!!!
    Such a gorgeous bag! Hope I’ll be the lucky one!

    My Facebook(as well as real) : Nika Mamonova
    And e-mail adress; nikamamonova&

  75. Such a fabulous giveaway! I’m holding my breath and twisting my fingers and toes.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  76. Amazing giveaway, I love this bag! I really hope that I’ m gonna win!

    My real name: Maria Papadiamantopoulou
    Facebook name: Maria Papadiamantopoulou
    E- mail:

  77. OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Vasia Giannakoulia (name / facebook name) (email)

    I want it reallly bad…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!isn’t it obvious???!!!! :P


  79. FB Name: Letitia Kate Naismith
    Email: letitia(dot)naismith(at)


  80. Love your style, and love the wang tote!! been eyeing it for a while, crossing my fingers to win it :)

    Name: Rona Yang
    Facebook name: Rona Yang

  81. noran elbannan

    facebook name:noranhussam

    thank u for this amaazzing giveaway :)

  82. What an amazing giveaway! I’ve loved this bag since day 1, even used it in one of my imaginary looks a few weeks ago. So obsessed with anything cobalt blue! FB name: Irina InDisguise. Thank you!

  83. Name: Sarah Ballard
    Facebook Name: Sarah Ballard
    Email: sballard1026[@]

    Crossing my fingers :)

  84. Such a generous and uber stylish giveaway gesture! Electric blue is one of my favorite colors and I can think of thousands of ways to make a serious “Wang BANG”!!

    name: Eleni Kostopoulos
    fb name: Eleni Kostopoulos Theodorsdottir

  85. Hi, my name is Marlotte van der Gevel. I’m a huge fan of your blog! And I really love the Alexander Wang bag!
    FB name: marlottevdgevel
    X Marlotte

  86. Best Giveaway! I absolutely love the color combination. I am definitely missing a blue Wang bag in my collection. :)
    name: Iustina Gasca Silav
    Facebook name: Iusti Silav

  87. Gosh, great giveaway (: February 19th is my birthday too. I’ve been a loyal reader via Bloglovin~
    May Shum (Facebook, too)

  88. stella chatzioakim facebook name:stella chatzioakim

  89. Sora Song!

    I adore the Alexander Wang tote! And the shade of blue is perfect for carrying with Current/Elliot cords and neon Jeffrey Campbell loafers!

  90. was just at the alexander wang soho store and wanted this bag soo badly!!

  91. Katie Gingerich (Name & Facebook name)

    Lovelovelove this Wang bag! Great giveaway. xx

  92. Hi,

    I LOVE this giveway. I’m a huge fan of A. Wang, and given that I don’t have a real purse at the moment (been schlepping around a papermag x lesportsac tote all winter), I’d love to win this gorgeous bag.

    Name: Eve Sanoussi
    FB Name: Eve Sanoussi (Eve Marietou)

    Thanks for the opportunity, darling. Kudos to your gorgeous blog.