Alexander Wang, fall 09


BLACK. Black, luxurious and tailored, with a savage touch. This collection gives me
chills (in a good way!!). I’m probably going to dream about crocodile patterns tonight…

31 thoughts on “Alexander Wang, fall 09

  1. oh wow. i love the crisp look of the black leather.

    what program do you use to cut out the catwalk images? it’s very cool looking.


  2. I love how he is developing his look, but staying true to his original concept.



    (ps. i just started a blog, do you have any tips for getting recognized and having people comment and visit it?)


  3. LOVE
    (well, eh,not a fan of the bikershorts)
    besides that,
    i feel the same way. fabby how that man can make one color glorious.

  4. I am SOOOO in love with alexander wang, these are pretty amazingg, but I’m a relatively new blogger, if you could link me or give me some tips i would really appreciate it!

    somehow i know it must have been done before but A Wang STILL pulls it all off like he’s the first one to do it ever. my favorite piece, and i’m glad for the opposed to all that slouchy grunge circa early MJ
    cheers and keep blogging!
    andrea xooxxx
    Life In Technicolor

  6. hi! when i saw your blog, i cant’ believe it! ’cause a girl, in a web called TUENTI, she made pass for you, being made be call Ana Peterson! A liar! :S
    you’re so beautiful, and i really love your style!

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