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  1. Love Alexa Chung!! I was just sitting right next to her (literally elbow to elbow) last week at Marlow & Sons in Williamsburg (my hood) she’s so beautiful and nice in person:)

    Can’t believe that jacket is from Topshop!!

  2. I cant even start to explain how much I love Alexa Chung,
    such a style icon and loved by many.

    Theory of a fashion victim

  3. I’m not sure but I think it’s from Topshop…. well, now I’ve read all the comments, I’m sure ;-)

    I LOVE Alexa Chung too, how come so many people is so fond of her ?

  4. Yeah I believe it’s from topshop. It was talked about on TFS too. But I think it’s been sold out for a while now.

  5. that is a cuutue jacket and i do adore alexa but i just dont get why shes a humungo style icon, she never intrigues me :/

  6. I LOVE her coat as well!!! It’s from Topshop… I’m definally going to buy it right a way ;) Kiss

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