Acne ss 10



ACNE. You better start saving money because Acne’s lookbook for s/s 2010 looks awesome!! I need the armoured jeans, the printed tee, the shirt with the printed back, the blue jacket, the denim jacket.. hell, I want it all!

25 thoughts on “Acne ss 10

  1. Jag hatar och älskar det här på samma gång, det brukar alltid vara ett bra första intryck! Jackan nere i mitten skulle jag köpt direkt om jag hade råd iallafall!

  2. gud älskar denna kollektionen! allt är så snyggt men fan att man inte har några pengar. en väldigt annorlunda kollektion som sticker ut i mitt tycke. kram

  3. Oh my god, this is so exciting! Love the delicious looking gems and yeah, the armoured jeans are amazing. Can’t wait to see more from this, thanks for bringing it to our attention x

  4. When I think of acne I think of a lot of subdued colors, black black black, and downtown hipster, but they seem to have gone a little hipy-back woods style here, and you know, I’m totally diggin’ it.

    Love your blog btw, check out mine and add to your favs!


  5. acne has amazing collections, and I’m so excited that we finally have an acne store in the netherlands! love the first pair of jeans/leggings!

  6. OMG Acne is just amaaaazing. I want all of this in my closet :*(
    I LOVE your blog carolina!
    come see mine pinsandroses.blogspot :*)

  7. i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all them

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