A special message from Kate Bosworth!

TOPSHOP. The past couple of days Topshop has been uploading teaser videos of their new campaign featuring a mystery hollywood star under the hash tag “Who’s that girl?” and now the cat is finally out of the box. Here’s a special message from the lovely Kate Bosworth who is the star of Topshop’s first Christmas movie.

The video is directed by Hollywood film director Michael Polish and is inspired by the iconic piano scene with Michelle Pffeifer in “The Fabulous Baker Boys”. Not only does Kate look absolutely stunning in the video, she can sing too! Check out Kate’s take on “Winter Wonderland” below:

18 thoughts on “A special message from Kate Bosworth!

  1. The outfit is nice but she can not sing at all!!

    Topshop should of picked an actual singer

  2. Love this song and she makes it so much more stylish!
    I’m a 13 yr old fashion blog and I’m a fan of your blog! I’d be so happy if you or any of your other readers took a look at my blog- thanks! :D

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