A sneak peek of the new apartment

Carolina Engman's nyc home (via fashionsquad.com)

Carolina Engman's nyc home (via fashionsquad.com)

pics by Carolina Engman

HOME. Slowly but surely the new apartment is starting to look like a home, now all I need for the livingroom are some comfy chairs + some art on the walls!

NESTING TABLES vintage (similar ones here + here). BENI OURAIN RUG Beyond Marrakech. SKATEBOARD Stop it right now.

84 thoughts on “A sneak peek of the new apartment

  1. I love the tables and the rug looks super comfy .That’s the thing about rugs, it changes the feel of the room at once :)

  2. Looks lovely! I have been looking for a Beni rug for a long time but it seems I can only find enormous ones. What size is yours? Large or Medium? x

  3. Love it! Please let me know if you’re interested in doing an apartment therapy tour when you’re ready ;-)

  4. Oh wow love it! I love that you are doing it yourself (you are aren’t you?). Keep us updated with more pics. Oh btw, where did you get your pillows? Love the prints.

  5. Love the cushions (and the rest of the apartment) – where are they from? Thank you!

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