A gorgeous Swedish home

At home with Jenny Hjalmarson Boldsen, via fashionsquad.com

Pictures via cocolapinedesign. Photography by Hannah Lemholt.

LOVELY HOME. I’ve been following interior stylist Jenny Hjalmarson Boldsen on instagram for quite some time and when these pictures (shot by insanely talented Hannah Lemholt) popped up in the may issue of Elle Decoration UK, I just had to share them. I really like the way Jenny uses wood, vintage rugs and earthy tones of beige & brown to bring some warmth into the crisp anti-color scheme. That amazing copper toned mirror really brings the dining area to life! More pictures below:

Love how the copper toned mirror warms up this black/white dining area, via fashionsquad.com

At home with Jenny Hjalmarson Boldsen via fashionsquad.com

Jenny Hjalmarson Boldsen via fashionsquad.com

minimalistic kitchen via fashionsquad.com

dreamy bedroom, via fashionsquad.com

home office inspiration via fashionsquad.com

70 thoughts on “A gorgeous Swedish home

  1. Dream home. I’m so inspired by Scandinavian design and monochrome color schemes. I’m working on using elements like these (crisp, white walls, black and grey accent decor, mid-century modern furniture) to create an aesthetic that is mature and modern in my home. Thank you for the wonderful inspiration!! xx


  2. This is amazing! I always get the feeling that anyone in Sweden and/or Denmark lives in the most stylish homes – all the best interior design brands are from there as well.
    I love the stark contrast between the modern white and the rough, old wood. It makes for such a design-y home, but with really lovely touches that do make it feel cosy and homely :)
    xx Anne

  3. Such gorgeous interiors! Would love to call this place my home.


  4. This b&w rug is stunning ! Does anyone knows what brand is that???

  5. I love everything here, all the white is just so minimalist but gorgeous!


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