A gorgeous Barcelona home

A lovely barcelona home (via fashionsquad.com)

The home of Victor Pimstein and Mireya de Sagarra. Pictures by Pia Ulin, via elledecoration.se

HOME. This converted factory located in central Barcelona has completely stolen my heart. Imagine long siestas on the Amanta couch with the summer breeze flowing through the open doors, or candlelit impromptu dinners (and lots of wine!) together with all of your best friends around the massive dining table. Pure magic!

an artist home in Barcelona (via fashionsquad.com)

a lovely barcelona home (via fashionsquad.com)

gorgeous kitchen (via fashionsquad.com)

49 thoughts on “A gorgeous Barcelona home

  1. WOW that looks like it came straight out of pinterest!!! I so wanna live there – or at least spend some time at that awesome awesome house. :3 I love when interior designers can combine cozy with style ! It’s what makes a place a home <3

  2. I love Barcelona,my next favourite city is NYC…….heading there Sept 10th-got any insider tips for an Aussie in Search of all Things Skin and Beautiful in New York?


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