A dreamy black and blue apartment

A dreamy black & blue apartment

black bedroom


gray office

So in love with the styling of this gorgeous apartment shot by Kristofer Johnsson for Elle Decoration UK. The mix of blue, gray & black is spot on!

Styling by Saša Antić. Photo By Kristofer Johnsson for Elle Decor UK.

34 thoughts on “A dreamy black and blue apartment

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  3. I love the bedroom (except for the kid..it kinda creeps me out haha) – i’m all about interior inspiration atm, because i’m going to move in december!

  4. Lovely! There is something about interiors, and looking through home magazines that I absolutely Love! I don’t live alone yet, as i’m only 17, but Home Design is so interesting to look at! I like to pretend i’m purchasing products from home catalogs :D

  5. Living in simplicity, tranquil and filled with serenity is the only way to really enjoy the surrurounding at its best. A beautiful way to captured such a fabulous apartment. A beautiful way to live :)

    La Bijoux Bella | by mia

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  10. Beautiful use of colours! Love the variations of the different styles of luxury looking furniture used also!

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