A dreamy apartment in Paris

Cecilia Bönström's Paris home

Head over heels in love with this gorgeous Paris apartment that belongs to the artistic director of Zadig et Voltaire, Cecilia Bönström. Love how the casual, rock chic vibe of the brand translates to her home!

Cecilia Bönström Paris apartment

at home with Cecilia Bönströmat home with Cecilia Bönströmat home with Cecilia Bönström

Pictures via Garance Doré

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47 thoughts on “A dreamy apartment in Paris

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  3. This is truly what living is all about, simplicity says it all! There is a wise old saying from Asia that talks about the perfect life of a man:
    Enjoy the authentic Chinese cuisine … Marry an Asian woman … And live in a french architecture home. :)

    La Bijoux Bella | by mia

  4. I just returned from a week in Paris and this apartment is soooo Parisian! Love the look and feel of it. There’s no place like Paris! It’s like being immersed in an old French movie there.

    Bisous, Edie Marie

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