A black and white kind of day

Carolina Engman (via fashionsquad.com)

Ear cuff (via fashionsquad.com)
Pictures by Mattias Swenson

B/W. New York has been unusually gray today and I’m loving every second of it. To me, fall couldn’t come sooner and every day below 25 degrees celsius is a blessing. Now if only we could fast forward to October/November when it’s time to whip out those dreamy fall coats and chunky knits.

Speaking of wishful thinking. I’ve been wanting a cartilage piercing for quite some time but for some reason I’ve never managed to muster the courage to book a time at the piercing studio. But during a trip to Sweden earlier this year, I picked up this faux ear cuff and we’ve been best friends ever since. It simply slips on the ear, and boom, I’m one of the cool kids!

a black and white kind of day (via fashionsquad.com)

Carolina Engman (via fashionsquad.com)

cartilage piercing

JACKET Zara (old but similar one here). EAR CUFF Thomas Sabo (similar ones herehere & here). PANTS Mango (old but similar ones here). TEE COS (similar here). BAG Dvf (on sale here). SHOES Jimmy Choo (here).

90 thoughts on “A black and white kind of day

  1. Love the outfit you are wearing! It is incredibly chic sophisticated.


  2. Perfect simple look. The earcuff is awesome! you are one of the cool kids ;)
    I really love your looks and how you keep it simple, many times bloggers overdo it with make up and accessories, but you don’t… and it’s perfect!

    Ana x


  3. I love this outfit! You look so beautiful as per usual! Now, I have another idea on how to pair my striped shirt! :-)
    Have a lovely weekend! XO

  4. This look is so chic and classy! I love the the little accessories like the earring that adds a subtle edge! :)

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