A beautiful Stockholm home

lovely livingroom

Pictures via Svenska Mäklarhuset

LOVE. This lovely Swedish apartment really makes my heart skip a beat. The wooden floors, the beautiful Beni Ourain rugs, that lovely kitchen.. when can I move in?

swedish home via fashionsquad

wooden floors

bedroom via fashionsquad

brass flower pot

livingroom via fashionsquad


lovely kitchen

marble tray


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62 thoughts on “A beautiful Stockholm home

  1. I love all these all white inspirations, and I must say, I’m blown away by the white cobra in the jar, very unique actually!!!!! But I think you do need quite a big place to pull that off no? Btw, I just uploaded my first ever ONE COAT, THREE WAYS triple outfit post on how to style one coat three ways, in this case, an outlet mall found Céline runway coat. Seriously, it’s guaranteed to PROVOKE! Even including a funny GIF of me at the end, so laugh away- #ProvokingCoats

    xx The Provoker

  2. not sure if my comment was posted, so i will try again:

    really stunning photos. time and time again i am amazed at the ability of even every day swedes to decorate their homes to beautifully. they definitely have an eye for the aesthetic. thanks for sharing these lovely photos with us!

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