Anabela Belikova in Harpers Bazaar Spain. Picture via fashiongonerogue

LOVE. Sorry for the lack of outfit posts lately. I’ve been sick for a couple of days and the crappy weather this week hasn’t exactly inspired me to put on anything interesting. This however, looks stunning! I wish I could look exactly like this tomorrow..

56 thoughts on “70’s

  1. That is simply stunning. I wish I would find pants like that, all pants tend to be too short for me unfortunately. That white blazer is also something I really could see myself in this summer. Need to go out and find something similar. Anyway, feel better soon and hope the inspiration (and the nice weather) returns soon! xo

  2. you totally could – no even better: you totally do!
    those flared trousers are beautiful, you would totally pull this look off.


    xx m.

  3. You’ll see, that I’m saying something, I guess you’ve heard before. But you’re awesome, so chic. I completely admire you.

  4. Love the colours! Get well soon!! :)


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