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  1. This combination is perfection. Loving the fuchsia color and the floral! Each individual piece stands on its own, but they all combine so nicely! Great post!

    – The Fashion Fellow

  2. Lovely colour of your ps 1 bag, I do appreciate when people choose accessories with colour!

  3. This look is so lovely for the summer and the powerful pop of color in the handbag completely ties in the look!

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  4. Perfect pumps! It is a must to have some black heels in your closet, I think! The bag is awsome *_*
    Following you on bloglovin now :)


  5. Out of the three I like the bag the least, but on the other hand I really love the top in the first picture. The glasses and the shoes have this black cat curve to them which makes them tastefully sexy.

  6. Great photos, love it with the flowers! I want the PS 1 so much and the color is awesome! xxx

  7. Carolina! I am IN LOVE with the design of your blog! Is so clean and fresh! I love it, loveit, love it! Good job dear!!!

  8. I have sunnies just like yours but from a different lable and I absolutely love them, too :) Your bag is amazing! I always love it a little bit more when I see it on your blog again. And I totally understand why you love these shoes. I keep looking for shoes like these for ages now and I can’t find the perfect pair. You’re a lucky person :) xx

  9. That’s THE bag!!!
    Yes I said “the”. lol I saw that bag somewhere and I fell, instantly, in love. Too expensive, for a broke college, of course. But GREAT JOB!


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