3.1 phillip lim gold bag

3.1 phillip lim, gold bag, 31 minute, makeup bagGOLD FEVER. You already know about my obsession with all things shiny, and when these crackled gold bags hit the runway at the 3.1 Phillip Lim s/s 13 show, my jaw dropped to the floor. Since then they have been frequent guest stars in my daydreams where I thought they would stay, until Mattias suprised me with this little gem
for my birthday two weeks ago, absolutely love it!!

GOLDEN BAG 3.1 Phillip Lim (here). CANDLE Byredo ‘Fleur Fantôme’.

156 thoughts on “3.1 phillip lim gold bag

  1. I only have one word for this great bag. PERFECT! I love shiny things as well and they make my heart beats higher when I see something shiny!

    Lots of Love, SAMOROUS

  2. So these are coming back now :D my mom has a similar one, which, I would say, is ancient. But it still looked good. And I can totally understand your obsession with everything shiny. I love glittery stuff. Should be decent…but a bit shine and glitter is always good ;)


  3. This bag is simply gorgeous! I’m unsure I’d be able to pull it off myself as it’s quite glamorous and my look is very casual! But oh my, it’s definitely one to lust over!

    Christina | Passion Obsession

  4. I’m such a succer for gold as well and if it’s on this beautiful clutch – well I’m sold! I’d really love to see it in an outfit, I could totally imagine them worn with black jean, metal toe stilettos .. a leather jacket maybe.. Mmm!

    Much love to you & good luck with rocking that clutch!


  5. That bag is to die for! It’s the perfect accessory to add to any outfit needing a lil extra umph!

  6. It’s a-maaazing! I totally understand your excitement about this bag, it looks like it just came down from heaven!

    //Julie Mitzie?

  7. What a beautiful pouch! Gold is a good color because it can match almost any type of clothes. If you pair it with gold shoes, the more it will create a big impact on your attire.

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