sweet dreams


BEDROOM. Besides fashion, interior design is one of my biggest passions and right now I’m in the midst of planning a redecoration of our bedroom (the results of being sick for a couple of days I guess, hehe). As you might have seen, we have this amazing floral wallpaper that I wouldn’t dream of removing, but small updates like changing the bedding, nightstands, bedlamps and adding some new accessories can make a huge difference as well. I’ll try to post some before/after pictures when I’m done, in the meantime, some inspiration:

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candles + lula


LULA. Probably wasn’t a good idea to run around barelegged this past weekend, I caught a lame cold and have been stuck in bed for the past couple of days. Thank god for my awesome boyfriend who just came home with two gifts: the latest issue of Lula and a big bag of candy, best recipe to cure a stubborn cold! ;)




FALL. In case you wanted to know, it’s FREEZING in Stockholm right now. This was definitly the last time I went barelegged this year, but how could I not with this awesome dress?! Sometimes, certain pieces are worth a little suffering while wearing them. But thank god for the chunky sweater and all the tea I drank after shooting these pictures ;)

I’ve spent the entire weekend cleaning out my closet and I’m not nearly done yet. I have a vision of being able to open my closet and only see things I love and actually wear. But since I’m a bit of a pack rat when it comes to clothes, I have a long road ahead of me. Sent a very happy little sister home with four huge bags filled with clothes today (the perks of being related to a fashion blogger) and next week, fingers crossed, my blogshop will be up where a whole bunch of amazing stuff will be looking for new, loving homes! But right now, I’m going to cuddle up with the latest issue of Vogue Paris and a cup of tea and just relax for a while, I think I owe it to myself after this weekend!