Dress, vintage.

HAPPY NEW YEAR. I wasn’t really in the mood for shiny stuff on new years so I opted for a more oldschool hollywood look with red lips, false eyelashes and soft curls paired with this gorgeous vintage dress. I liked the make up so much I ended up doing it again the day after (sans fake lashes). What did you guys wear?!

66 thoughts on “2010

  1. Beautiful! Really! I think it’s the best you’ve ever looked.
    Can I ask, are you wearing nude tights with this outfit? I can’t quite tell.

  2. Du ser bokstavligt talat helt förtrollande ut! Dina ögonbryn = perfektion, by the way. :)

  3. love love love this; so soft and romantic and just plain gorgeous.

    and i also like your hair at this “in between” stage, where it’s not as long as it was yet not as short as when you cut it. makes me want to chop mine off!

    happy new year Carolina!

  4. After following your blog for a year+ this is by far your most breath-taking look. You’re a stunner for sure!

  5. your makeup is great! love the old school touch!

    have a look what i wore on nye, .twinklestartwinkle.blogspot.com

  6. You look gorgeous, I loved your outfit.
    I’m always checking out your website, even living in Brazil. I guess that’s what globalization is all about, isn’t it? :)

    Happy new year, Carolina

  7. You’re such a stunner!

    Adore the dress, such a soft feminine style but yet very classy, <3

  8. you look gorgeous. that dress shape is so nice on you. the red lips are a beautiful touch too. i had to work on new years so i didn’t dress up too much. i did wear some sequins and tons of xtra mascara though.

  9. you look so beautiful! i bought lovely black spotted stockings for new years eve, i had no idea what else to wear… i just knew that that’s what i wanted. i wore them to see cat power, and she was just amazing. ahhh!

  10. wow you look amazing! the lips really make the look.
    and my outfit? err… black and silver star tights and a skiny mens dress shirt? trust me it made sense at the time.

  11. beautiful photos! great look….
    myself, I wasn’t so festive on new years, black sequin t-shirt, cut offs, tights and ankle boots, although I had the red lipstick too

    x rosie

  12. I actually wore a dress similar to yours..i wore the rodarte for target black lace dress with the bow tie detailing…i had red lips as well.

    But your dress is so pretty..i love the classy feel to it..and the girlyness of it

  13. everything match together so perfectly, from the fake lashes to the vintage dress to the nailpolish on your toes. Beautiful!

  14. I love the look on this post! The vintage dress and inspired hair look wonderful on you. Happy 2010!

  15. Amazing, you look gorgeous! I’m in love with the 1º picture, love the make-up et la petite tour eiffel in the mirror ;)
    Beautiful :)

  16. You look fantastic. I love how you do your makeup, especially here. I hope I don’t sound creepy, but your skin looks like it has the perfect amount of dewiness with a hint of matte. You must do a makeup post!


  17. I just found your blog and love how glamorous and gorgeous you are! This look is perfection. I too am debating going redhead. <3

  18. I just wanted to say I had never heard of your blog untill today, but boy was I missing out..
    Really enjoyed scrolling through your blog, watching all pics and looks!

    You’ve got yourself a new fan Xmk


  19. love the dress… great look… you pull it off very well :)

    drop a line on my site and say hi whenever :)


  20. The first picture is amazing, you look great ! but i think.. all your pics you have here.. are so beautiful. ;]

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