10 dreamy bedrooms

Jon Oron apartment

Picture via Elle Decoration UK

ZZZZ.I think I hit the snooze button about twenty times this morning before finally getting out of bed, but it was just so darn cozy! I totally would have spent all day in bed wearing my favorite pajama if I could, but tomorrow I’m flying to Stockholm for two weeks and there’s A LOT that has to get done before that.
So, here are 10 gorgeous bedrooms we can daydream about instead! Which one is your favorite?

dreamy bedroom via honeypieliving

the definition of cozy! via honeypieLIVINGetc

dreamy white bedroom via fashionsquad

all white bedroom

naja munthe bedroom via fashionsquad

Naja Munthe’s beautiful bedroom

gray bedroom via fashionsquad

minimalistic bedroom via fashionsquaddaria werbowy bedroom via fashionsquad

dreamy bedroom via fashionsquad

bedroom via fashionsquad

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70 thoughts on “10 dreamy bedrooms

  1. I definitely LOVE no. 2! I’ve always (since I was about…6?) wanted a canopy for my bed but never actually gotten around to buying one. I’m a tad worried it would feel weird to sleep in such an enclosed space. But a girl can dream, right!?

  2. I love each and every one of them! My perfect bedroom would be white & grey with a lot of wooden elements. Cosy fabrics like fake fur, teddy and knit are also super important. And books. Especially books. Books everywhere.
    Happy holidays!

    xxx Anna

  3. No.7 is my favourite! That glass frame looks amazing, I like the modern/antique contrast with the walls

  4. I adore the first one! I don’t like girly soft decor and the first one it has tons of character. Thanks for sharing.

    “Suede biker jacket and patent pumps” New post on:

  5. Hi Carolina, I follow your blog for a long time.. and I want to tell you how much appreciate your work!
    I study Architecture, so I truly love this kind of posts, and ones about fashion of course!
    kisses from Italy!

  6. My favourite has to be the 3rd to last one. The warmness of the wood furniture and brick are nice contrasts to the white bed linen and walls, making it look homier than the other ones, which are so starkly white that it doesn’t look like a real home.

  7. I loveee these bedrooms. Gah, I wouldn’t mind staying there forever ahaha! I love how (almost) all rooms have wooden floors and there’s so much white in the picture, I love it!

  8. These are all absolutely gorgeous. I love number 1. Open and airy but cozy and warm as well. I’d be happy as a clam in any of these! x

  9. Absolutely loved no. 3 and 5. Would love to know where the light in no. 3 came from as well as the artwork in no. 5. The bedrooms are fabulous

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